Windows – Update to new version of Windows 10.

IT Support have recently moved to rollout Windows 10 Version 20H2.

The update can take a few hours to download (you can work during this time) and then about 30-45 minutes to install after a restart (you won’t be able to use your PC during this time).

To prevent disruption we therefore recommend that all Windows users run the update themselves through the “Check for Updates” tool at a time when it is least disruptive for them.

There will eventually be an automatic update push to all IST Windows 10 systems as soon older versions of Windows 10 won’t be able to be supported. Therefore, we encourage users to update themselves beforehand at a time of their own choosing.

An example of what the large update looks like can be found below:

Screenshot of the Windows 10 Update screen installing the latest update.

The text in the image reads: 
"Updates available.
Last checked: 01/12/2021, 08:01

Funktionsupdate für Windows 10 *Consumer-Editionen), Version 20H2, en-us x 64
Status: Installing - 91%"