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How to set your signature in OWA

Screenshoot of OWA webscreen highlighting where the Gear Icon is in the top right, and where Options is at the bottom of the menu once the Gear icon is pressed.
first go to gear and afterwards to options
Screenshot of OWA showing the Options menu with the "Mail" drill down highlighted and then the "Email Signature" option highlighted.
open up the section Mail afterwards click on “Email signature”

Go to this link and copy the template (incl. the logo) into your clipboard (Crtl + C)

Screenshot of OWA Email Signature options showing an example of how the signature template would look once it is copy and pasted into the settings.
paste the template into the textbox and change the template fields to your person (firstname, lastname, your function, phones & mailaddress)

Hit the Save-button to have the signature permanently

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