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How to set your signature in Thunderbird

at first you need to download the template html file here:

get html-file

open the htm-file with an editor of your choice and customize the marked words to you personal data.

Screenshot of the HTML template showing the various fields that should be edited including Firstname Lastname, PhD, your function, firstname.lastname@ista.ac.at in all instances and the phone numbers

Afterwards save the file and open up Thunderbird.

Screenshot of the location of the Thunderbird burger menu in the top right of the application with Account Settings highlighted once the button has been pressed.
in Thunderbird go to the burger menu and Account Settings
Screenshot of an example of the Account name highlighted (in this case it shows the account name is an email address)
in the Account Settings click on the Account name (normally the mail-address)
Screenshot of the menu that appears when the Account Name is clicked in Account Settings showing where the checkbox "Attach the signature from a file instead" can be found halfway down.
here select the marked Check (Attach the signature…) and with Choose select your htm-file

afterwards you can close the account-settings and the signature will be attached to every new e-mail.

more details can be found here from Mozilla.

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