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How to set your signature in Outlook

Screenshot of Outlook showing where the File option is in the top right of the screen.
go to “File”
Screenshoot of Outlook showing where the "Options" setting exists on the bottom left of the File menu
click on “Options”
Screenshoot of Outlook highlighting where the "Mail" setting exists in the top left of the Options menu, and then where the "Signatures" setting exists in the middle of the "Mail" menu.
in the Options go to Section “Mail” and click on “Signatures…”
Screenshot of Outlook showing the Signatures screen with the "New" signature button highlighted.
in this window click on “New”
Screenshot of the Outlook dialogue window that pops up asking to enter a new name for the signature.
enter a name for the signature and hit “OK”

Go to this link

Screenshot of the wordpress article showing the right-click menu to save an image.
rightclick on the logo and click “Save image as…”
Screenshot of Windows Explorer, as an example of what should appear when you right click an image and select save image as
Save the image somewhere on your computer (Downloads for example)

copy the template (incl. the horizontal line but not the logo) into your clipboard (Crtl + C)

Screenshot of the Outlook signature menu showing how the signature looks when the template has been pasted into the Edit Signature field
paste the template into the textbox and change the template fields to your person (firstname, lastname, your function, phones & mailaddress)
Screnshoot of Outlook signature menu with a black circle around the option to upload an image.
afterwards place the cursor at the very end and press the “image” button
Screenshot of Windows Explorer showing what will pop up when the Upload image icon is pressed in Outlook
search the image you’ve saved before and select it – press Insert after that

Hit the Save-button to have the signature permanently and close the Options.

a more detailed how-to can be found from Microsoft here.

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