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Quick start


  • a personal PC at home or a institute Notebook to take with you
  • a internet connection with at least 10 mbit (you can test it here)
  •  To check if all services at IST Austria are up, see here

ways to do it:

working with WT10 from home

Open your browser (Firefox, Chrome etc) and navigate to: wt10.ist.ac.at

Enter your IST Username and Password, then click on the WT10 icon to start your desktop.

You now have access to all the files and network locations that you would have on a Windows computer on campus.

for a connection to WT10 with several Remoteapps (Remmina, Windwos Remote Desktop, Mac Remote Desktop) please see here

working with VPN from home

with every IST-Notebook OpenVPN cames preinstalled. If it’s not installed please see the guide here

  1. Right-click and “connect”
  2. Type in your username and password

if your network-drives are not mapped, please see this guide on how to map them manually.

working with ssh from home

SSH access via login.ist.ac.at

For users familiar with the Linux/Unix command line, we also offer access to the IST Austria infrastructure via our login server. Just use your preferred SSH client (on Windows this could be Putty or MobaXterm) to connect to:

ssh [username]@login.ist.ac.at

You can login with your IST password or (recommended) use a ssh-key.

SSH is optimized for very slow Internet connections!

Tools we provide you for easy communicating with your workmates:


Chat systems like Slack are quite famous these days, especially for their abilities for fast communication and easy exchange of information. As external cloud services could be a risk in means of data security, we’re providing our own solution, based on the open source rocket.chat.

To use our new chat, just login with your IST account at:


As this service is not (yet) integrated in the SSO system, you’ve to enter your password in the following interface:

Please contact us directly in the chat for questions (channel: #IT or #itsupport). There are also many clients available for various desktop and mobile operating systems: https://rocket.chat/download


Our new video/audio conferencing system. This open-source system (Jitsi) can be used without installing any software, directly in your browser (Chrome gives the best experience and is recommended) or via apps in your mobile phone (Android/iPhone). Conferences up to 7 participants will work just fine, for larger audiences please contact us and we might suggest Zoom.

just start a conference by entering https://meet.ist.ac.at/ (due to technical limitations please avoid spaces and underscores) and send this link also to you participants

E-mail on the Web

Using our web-mail is easy and convenient as it works everywhere and currently without the need for a VPN connection.

Simply go to owa.ist.ac.at  and enter your IST Username and IST Password to access your email. Afterwards you do have access to a very outlook-like webapp. if you need anything special please have a look into this detailed howto

frequently asked questions please go to this page!

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