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Can I use my own PC/Laptop?

Short answer: Yes you can.

You need to follow a few basic principles to do so:

  • You are not allowed to save ISTA passwords/automatic connections on a private PC.
  • You are not allowed to copy institute data which contains personal data (e.g. list of employees with private phone numbers) or sensitive institute data (e.g. financial data) to your private device!

Please ensure you have a recent virus scan application installed on your private computer.
See -> Virus Scan Policy

Safe usage

All IT services where data does NOT leave ISTA IT systems are safe to use.

Ensure you log out of all systems after work!

Such systems are:

  • Remote Desktop connection (WT10) if all data stays IN the Window.
    (This also applies to other Remote-Desktop servers like SAPREMOTE)
  • Webmail
  • ISTACloud (if used on the web and no files get downloaded/synced)
  • Using SSH/X2Go to login to central services (e.g. the HPC cluster)

Unsafe usage

  • Do not sync ISTACloud libraries to a private computer.
  • Do not send your ISTA emails to a private account, use our web mail or Remote-Desktop to access your emails.
  • Do not download (sensitive) documents from email to your private PC.

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