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This section gives an overview of printers and how to print (and scan) at IST Austria.

List of floor printers:

Driver download
p0117101RICOH Aficio MP C4502ACentral Building (I01)1st floorI01.O1_P0117101 Central Building 1st floor PCL_P0117101 Central Building 1st floor PSDriver P0117101
p0117102RICOH Aficio MP C4502ACentral Building (I01)2nd floorI01.O2_P0117102 Central Building 2nd floor PCL_P0117102 Central Building 2nd floor PSDriver P0117102
p0117103RICOH Aficio MP C4502ACentral Building (I01)3rd floorI01.O3_P0117103 Central Building 3rd floor PCL_P0117103 Central Building 3rd floor PSDriver P0117103
p0317100RICOH IM C4500Admin Building (I03)ground floorI03.GFP0317100P0317100_PSDriver P0317100
p0317101RICOH IM C4500Admin Building (I03)1st floorI03.O1P0317101P0317101Driver P0317101
p0417100RICOH Aficio MP C305Bertalanffy Building (I04)ground floorI04.GF_P0417100 Bertalanffy Building ground floor PCL_P0417100 Bertalanffy Building ground floor PSDriver P0417100
p0417101RICOH Aficio MP C4502ABertalanffy Building (I04)1st floorI04.O1_P0417101 Bertalanffy Building 1st floor PCL_P0417101 Bertalanffy Building 1st floor PSDriver P0417101
p0417102RICOH Aficio MP C4502ABertalanffy Building (I04)2nd floorI04.O2_P0417102 Bertalanffy Building 2nd floor PCL_P0417102 Bertalanffy Building 2nd floor PSDriver P0417102
p0417103RICOH Aficio MP C4502ABertalanffy Building (I04)3rd floorI04.O3_P0417103 Bertalanffy Building 3rd floor PCL_P0417103 Bertalanffy Building 3rd floor PSDriver P0417103
p0517100RICOH MP C3003Preclinical Facility (I05)ground floorI05.GF_P0517100 PCF Ground Floor PCL_P0517100 PCF Ground Floor PSDriver P0517100
p0617100Ricoh IM C3000Lab Building East (I06)Ground floorI06.GFP0617100P0617100Driver P0617100
p0617101RICOH Aficio MP C4502ALab Building East (I06)1st floorI06.O1_P0617101 Lab Building East 1st floor PCL6_P0617101 Lab Building East 1st floor PSDriver P0617101
p0617102RICOH Aficio MP C4502ALab Building East (I06)2nd floorI06.O2_P0617102 Lab Building East 2nd floor PCL6_P0617102 Lab Building East 2nd floor PSDriver P0617102
p0617103RICOH IM C4500Lab Building East (I06)3rd floorI06.O3P0617103 PCLP0617103 PSDriver P0617103
p0717100RICOH MP C45042nd Administration Building (I07)ground floorI07.GFP0717100P0717100_PSDriver P0717100
p0717101RICOH MP C45042nd Administration Building (I07)1st floorI07.O1P0717101P0717101_PSDriver P0717101
p0717102RICOH MP C45042nd Administration Building (I07)2nd floorI07.O2P0717102P0717102_PSDriver P0717102
p1117015EPSON WF-C879RConstruction Building (I11)2nd floorI11.O2P1117015P1117015 Construction 2nd floorDriver P1117015
p2117100RICOH MP C4504Building West Office (I21)ground floorI21.GF.124_P2117100 Lab Buiding West ground floor PCL_P2117100_PSDriver P2117100
p2117101RICOH MP C4503Building West Office (I21)1st floorI21.O1.124_P2117101 Lab Building West 1st Floor PCL6_P2117101 Lab Building West 1st Floor PSDriver P2117101
p2117102RICOH MP C4503Building West Office (I21)2nd floorI21.O2.124_P2117102 Lab Building West 2nd Floor PCL_P2117102 Lab Building West 2nd Floor PSDriver P2117102
p2117103RICOH MP C4503Building West Office (I21)3rd floorI21.O3_P2117103 Lab Building West 3rd Floor PCL_P2117103 Lab Building West 3rd Floor PSDriver P2117103
p2117201RICOH MP C4502Building West Lab (I21)1st floorI21.O1P2117201P2117201Driver P2117201
p2117202RICOH MP C4503Building West Lab (I21)2nd floorI21.O2_P2117202 Lab Building West 2nd floor BT2 PCL6_P2117202 Lab Building West 2nd floor BT2 PSDriver P2117202
p2117203RICOH MP C4502Building West Lab (I21)3rd floorI21.O3P2117203P2117203Driver P2117203
p1317101RICOH MP C4503Central Storage I131st floorI13.O1P1317101P1317101 PSDriver P1317101
p2317100RICOH IM C3000I23 Officeground floorI23.EGP2317100P2317100Driver P2317100
p2317101Ricoh IM C3000I23 Office1st floorI23.O1P2317101P2317101Driver p2317101
p2317102Ricoh IM C3000I23 Office2nd floorI23.O2P2317102P2317102Driver P2317102
p2317200Ricoh IM C3000I23 Labground floorI23.EGP2317200P2317200Driver P2317203
p2317201Ricoh IM C3000I23 Lab1st floorI23.O1P2317201P2317201Driver p2317201
p2317202Ricoh IM C3000I23 Lab2nd floorI23.O2P2317202P2317202Driver p2317202
p2317203Ricoh IM C3000I23 Lab3rd floorI23.O3P2317203P2317203Driver P2317203


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