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IST Austria Account

This is the main account for IT services at IST Austria, which consists of the:

  • IST username
  • IST password

For IST Austria IT services, you’ve to always to use the same IST username, but there is quite a few exceptions – mainly for security concerns – where you’ve to use a different password. You’ll find these exceptions below.

To use this account, you’ve to agree to the Acceptable Use Policy and please make sure your password complies to the Password Policy.

The IST Account is used for:

Services NOT using the IST password

The following services will NOT work with the IST password, but with the same IST username! You can set/change/view these passwords via Password manager.

  • WiFi – ISTWLAN and eduroam

Login to webservices

Following are screenshots of web interfaces where you have to use the IST username and the IST password.

Secure Login

Please make sure, that the page where you enter your password
is secured by “https” and
the URL ends with .ist.ac.at.

Furthermore, our SSO should contain: “Institute of Science and Technology Austria [AT]” near the browser’s address field.

All other services are potential fake and please report these to: it@ist.ac.at.


The following interface should only be seen if you’re off campus, using a private laptop or your mobile phone to login. With IST IT maintained  devices, kerberos authentication is done, so no extra password is necessary.  If you are on such a device at the IST Austria campus, and you do not get authenticated automatically, please visit [Enable kerberos auth for browser]

Login Failure: SPNEGONotAvailable
The Login Failure: SPNEGONotAvailable message is because of an unsuccessful Kerberos (=password less)  authentication. Just login with IST username and IST password.

When visiting external services for the first time, it is necessary to approve what information will be sent to such services. We highly suggest to leave the default settings “Ask me again if information changes“. Please reject the service and contact us, if you think the provided information seems to be unnecessary for the usage of that service.

the “OLD” SSO mask

We will replace the “old” SSO interface and technology by the above one, but as it will still stay for a while, please find the screenshot below. Login with your IST username and IST password.


Other important services

Some services are NOT integrated to the SSO system, mostly because of technical reasons. Still, these services are important for the day-by-day use, please find the logins below.


Please use your IST username and IST for logon to our webmail system. (https://owa.ist.ac.at/)


Our payslips system, https://dpw.ist.ac.at/, is for security reasons only accessible internally (local on Campus or via VPN). For any IST IT managed device, an additional login should not be necessary. However, for some cases, where you’d like access with a private laptop or mobile phone, you’ll get the following login mask.


Please login with IST username and IST password.

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