PPMS is not loading

If you tried to access https://ppms.ist.ac.at/ and only got the following result: you are probably running an ad blocker in your browser. Even though it is highly recommended to run one, it can also block legitimate pages. One blocker IT can suggest is: uBlock Origin, which is available for all major browsers. To access PPMS,… Continue Reading PPMS is not loading

What happened with my H:\ drive?

From tomorrow (Thursday, March 5) morning on, you will be able to modify/create/delete all files and folders in H:\OLD_H_Drive. You can safely use the current H:\ drive and there are no additional changes planned/needed. If you do not have a H:\ Home drive, or your current H:\ does not contain a folder OLD_H_Drive, please contact… Continue Reading What happened with my H:\ drive?

ISTCloud update to latest version

Our ISTCloud (https://seafile.ist.ac.at/) has been updated to the latest version. Please see below an overview about changes: Login The login-window has changed again, please click the “Single Sign-On” link to log in.  Other Changes Some security and performance enhancements New Wiki feature including a new WYSIWYG editor for *.md files,  which can be enabled via… Continue Reading ISTCloud update to latest version

UltraVNC installation and some ESET issues

Together with your new virus scan, you might have detected a large eye icon () in your task bar. This is ONLY used to help you with remote assistance, where you explicitly have to approve the access. Requests for access, on the other hand, can only be initiated by members of IT. This should help… Continue Reading UltraVNC installation and some ESET issues

New Virus scan @ IST Austria

In the coming weeks the IT department will gradually roll out a new antivirus product on all IST Windows computers. The currently used F-Secure Antivirus will be replaced by the ESET Endpoint Protection. ESET setup will run in the background, you’ll only notice a couple of notifications from the Windows Action Center: first Antivirus software… Continue Reading New Virus scan @ IST Austria