PPMS is not loading

If you tried to access https://ppms.ist.ac.at/ and only got the following result: you are probably running an ad blocker in your browser. Even though it is highly recommended to run one, it can also block legitimate pages. One blocker IT can suggest is: uBlock Origin, which is available for all major browsers. To access PPMS,… Continue Reading PPMS is not loading

Remote access over the last months

This is an informational post, for those who are interested, how remote access has been changed during the Corona lock-down – compared to a “on-campus” situation. If you need to know more about our possibilities to work from home, please see: Working remotely. (Most graphs we just started a week before the actual lock-down.) Remote-Desktop… Continue Reading Remote access over the last months

MFA at IST Austria

We just finished the first implementation for multi-factor authentication for some services at IST Austria. MFA tokens can be created via https://privacy.ist.ac.at/ (ONLY available via VPN/Remote Desktop or on campus) SSO login will then have an additional mask to enter the token, but ONLY if you login from outside IST Austria. (without VPN and/or Remote… Continue Reading MFA at IST Austria

OCRmyPDF service converts scanned PDF images to text

The service uses OCR – optical character recognition – to convert images of text to regular computer text. You can upload a scanned PDF and OCRmyPDF will return a PDF with text that can be searched and copy-pasted. It is available on this link (only available inside IST or via VPN).https://ocr.docker.ist.ac.at/ Easy to use: Click… Continue Reading OCRmyPDF service converts scanned PDF images to text

New mail servers coming soon!

We are currently in the process to update our mail-server infrastructure from Exchange 2010 to Exchange 2016. The first non-IT users will be changed to the new system with middle to end of November. From a user point-of-view, the change will be mainly the new web-mail. Other, more technical changes, include a better search and… Continue Reading New mail servers coming soon!

ISTCloud update to latest version

Our ISTCloud (https://seafile.ist.ac.at/) has been updated to the latest version. Please see below an overview about changes: Login The login-window has changed again, please click the “Single Sign-On” link to log in.  Other Changes Some security and performance enhancements New Wiki feature including a new WYSIWYG editor for *.md files,  which can be enabled via… Continue Reading ISTCloud update to latest version

ISTCloud (seafile.ist.ac.at) has been updated.

Our ISTCloud has been updated to a new version. The login window now looks a bit different, please still login by clicking “Shibboleth”: Other changes: You can share internal links (just copy the URL of your browser) to other internal users, the document will open after they have logged in. Sharing to any group is… Continue Reading ISTCloud (seafile.ist.ac.at) has been updated.

Has my password been hacked?

We hope not, but it is not always easy to be sure. As we’re all users of free (or non-free) services in the world wide web, and there are also successful attacks against such services, it is possible that one of your accounts (and the password) has been compromised. There are services in the internet,… Continue Reading Has my password been hacked?

Do you know your colleague?

IST Austria is growing every day – not only by new buildings, much more by new people joining the IST Austria community. As we already are more then 600 employees on campus, it’s not easy to keep track about who’s here. We’ve of course offer the service “New on campus” via ICP: https://icp.ist.ac.at/search/users/new_on_campus, but following such… Continue Reading Do you know your colleague?