PPMS is not loading

If you tried to access https://ppms.ist.ac.at/ and only got the following result: you are probably running an ad blocker in your browser. Even though it is highly recommended to run one, it can also block legitimate pages. One blocker IT can suggest is: uBlock Origin, which is available for all major browsers. To access PPMS,… Continue Reading PPMS is not loading

Remote access over the last months

This is an informational post, for those who are interested, how remote access has been changed during the Corona lock-down – compared to a “on-campus” situation. If you need to know more about our possibilities to work from home, please see: Working remotely. (Most graphs we just started a week before the actual lock-down.) Remote-Desktop… Continue Reading Remote access over the last months

MFA at IST Austria

We just finished the first implementation for multi-factor authentication for some services at IST Austria. MFA tokens can be created via https://privacy.ist.ac.at/ (ONLY available via VPN/Remote Desktop or on campus) SSO login will then have an additional mask to enter the token, but ONLY if you login from outside IST Austria. (without VPN and/or Remote… Continue Reading MFA at IST Austria

What happened with my H:\ drive?

From tomorrow (Thursday, March 5) morning on, you will be able to modify/create/delete all files and folders in H:\OLD_H_Drive. You can safely use the current H:\ drive and there are no additional changes planned/needed. If you do not have a H:\ Home drive, or your current H:\ does not contain a folder OLD_H_Drive, please contact… Continue Reading What happened with my H:\ drive?